RD Technologies

RD Technologies and its subsidiary C.A.R, specialists of equipments and toolings for heat treatment furnacesrd-technologie-couleur

RD Technologies is a leader in the field of equipements and toolings for heat treatment furnaces.

This company is specialised in the conception, the production, the enhancement, the repair and the installation of spare parts and toolings in heat-resisting alloy for industrial furnaces of heat treatment.

The History of RD Technologies

Founded in 1947 by Denis Erber in the parisian region, La Résistance RD moved in Veynes (Hautes-Alpes) in 1958. Michel Vrinat then join the company in 1991 as a technical director and acquired in 2007 La Résistance RD, which will then become RD technologies.

Located in the Hautes-Alpes, in Veynes (05), RD Technologies is an expert of tailor-made conception and production of spare parts of heat treatment furnaces of all brands.

In 2013, RD Technologies acquired the 9 people Company C.A.R. Located in Tour. This SME is specialised in the same fields as RD Technologies and benefits from a good regional network.

Located in Château-Renault (37 – Indre et Loire), C.A.R offers a service,  a responsiveness and a competitiveness highly appreciated by its clients, for the conception and production of heat-resisting alloy toolings for heat treatment furnaces.

Mr.Vrinat, engineer, evolved in the company for 25 years before passing the batton to the Groupe Galilé in which he entrusts the conservation of the Know-How, the values and the soul of this 70 years old company.

RD Technologies and C.A.R made in 2015 a turnover of 9M€ in the export with a network of 15 agents in 15 countries (Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Brazil…)

RD Technologies and C.A.R joined the Groupe Galilé in 2016


Contact details of the Company

RD Technologies :
7 allée Jean-Jacques Rousseau
FR-05400 Veynes

C.A.R :
Rue du Fléteau – Parc industriel Ouest
FR-37110 Château Renault

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