The Galile group : Innovation in its DNA

The Galile group has a long history in industry, and specifically, handling for more than 20 years. It is made up of 35 SMEs which employ more than 1000 people and collectively turn over more than 200M euros in France and abroad.

With a presence in multiple sectors, Galile is well-placed to offer a range of innovative services and solutions for the benefit of French industry.

The group has evolved over the years with its reach and fields of expertise becoming evermore diverse. This value creation model has made the Galile group a strong player in the industry of tomorrow.

With a decentralised structure and an agile management philosophy, Galile is made up of businesses and collaborators who are uniquely equipped to face the challenges that their environments and markets pose.

In this rapidly changing industrial world, the group seizes every opportunity to work towards Industry 4.0.

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Human capital, the foundation of all success

The Galilé Group is committed to sharing and pooling the experience, skills, ethics and know-how of all its employees. It thus encourages : Desire, tenacity, boldness, humility, the desire to undertake and to serve, a vision of the future, optimism and a spirit of solidarity.

For Eric Michoux, its CEO : ‘‘Solidarity is also the management of our teams, our vision of the future and the trust we place in our employees.’’

The members of the management commitee

A word from our president :

Face up with passion and seriousness

Eric Michoux – CEO

‘’As an independent French group, composed of 29 (35?) autonomous companies, we support you in the realisation of your industrial projects whether they are in the field of handling, engineering, nuclear, aeronautics, thermal, industrial services, gas, or renewable energy & infrastructure.

The Galilé Group relies on the experience and expertise of its employees, men and women of conviction, spread over several regions of France. Historically based in Burgundy, our group has expanded in line with industrial opportunities in France, with the aim of maintaining and developing the French industrial heritage. We are convinced that the reindustrialisation of France through the nourishment of French know-how is a long-term economic opportunity.

Our corporate culture is based on the fundamentals shared by each of the companies that make up the group and all of our employees. Demanding standards, autonomy, reactivity, humility, valuing talent, but also boldness and optimism are our raison d’être. Customised or standardised, the products that leave our factories meet the same specifications: quality to ensure the success of our customers.

In this sense, the employees of Galilé, through their work, play an essential role in designing a more resilient world.

Professional development, responsibility and exchange are the cornerstones of our human resources policy.

Thanks to the century-long experience of its companies, Galilé is a reliable partner for real actors of change.’’

Eric Michoux – CEO