The Galilé Group : the proximity of our SMEs, the strength of a group

The ambition of Galilé Group is to participate actively in the French economical life, with its many profitable and long-lasting SMEs, organized in a pragmatic mode of governance.

Siem Service, taken over in 1998 by Eric Michoux, was the first company of what is now the Galilé Group.
In 2016, this innovating industrial group operating internationally is composed of 3 divisions, 18 companies and 500 employees. It cannot develop itself without favoring its dynamic forces, meaning its employees. The human values: listening, dialogue, sharing and solidarity prevail every day for every person, man and woman to progress at their own rhythm within the Galilé Group.


Eric Michoux, CEO

Furthermore, before targeting a company to take over, I recruit and choose the one that will manage it at an early stage. The salaried managers of Galilé Group are joint entrepreneurs and have interests in the share capital. This method allows a managing director feeling limited in another company to find personal fulfillment in our group. If, with my experience as a manager, I was to advise young entrepreneurs, I would recommend being ambitious, having an objective, a strategy, a dashboard, a management mode and challenging oneself.

The Galilé Group transposes its model and values onto its virtual incubator

Moreover, to promote entrepreneurship in our country and to help young talents, I have created, a virtual incubator, accompanied by an original company contest in a funding and mentoring mode 2.0”