Human capital, the base of success

The Galilé Group wants, for each of its 500 employees, the will to share and exchange experiences, skills, ethic and know-how. So it supports: shared experience, tenacity, boldness, humility, and willingness to take action, vision of the future, optimism and solidarity. For Eric Michoux, its CEO: “Solidarity is also the management of our teams, our vision of the future and the trust we give to our employees”.

A specific corporate governance

Within the Galilé Group, the corporate governance is defined as all the organs and rules for decisions, for information and surveillance allowing the persons concerned in (or in partnership with) the company, to see their interests respected and their voices heard.

The 7 governance ideas of Galilé Group:

Ambition and objectives = Vision

Project and Strategy = Achieve your ambition

Commercial momentum and Competitive advantage = Guideline of the company

Action Plan

Management = Successful challenges, Cohesion

Dashboard = Reporting

Executive Committee = Confirms the decisions


Innovation at the heart of companies

More than 14% of the 500 employees of the Galilé Group work in research and business development in our 18 Galilé Group Companies