Governance capable of adapting to challenges

Through its founder and chairman, Eric Michoux, the Group has chosen to give each branch its own autonomy. This creates a performance-oriented organisation and gives the Group the agility it needs to adapt to its clients’ requirements.

Governance is based on the core values shared by all the group’s employees :

  • Excellence
  • Agility
  •  Humility
  • Talent development
  • Boldness
  • Optimism
  •  Commited to safety
  • Spirit of solidarity
  •  Perseverance

 Responding to critical and longterm issues

Aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, the Galilé Group is committed to responding to the climate emergency by leading a transition to sustainable development at the heart of its manufacturing skills.

  • Low carbon plan in line with current climate challenges
  • Integrate eco-design in the search for innovative technical solutions
  • Reduce its environmental impact following the principles of the circular economy

Galilé’s eco-responsible commitment also includes 100% French production.

The commitment to << Made in France >>

Since 1998, Galilé  has been designing and manufacturing 100% French industrial equipment, with unique know-how in various fields.

Its teams, trained on a continuous basis, ensure reliable and exacting work within the 35 factories located in several regions of France.

Regular investment guarantees the quality of the design, production and finishing of our products. The passion of the group’s teams contributes to the success of its customers and to the social and economic life of the regions. Galilé has built up a strong local presence alongside key public and private players.

Daring at the heart of innovation

14% of the Galilé Group’s workforce is involved in Research & Development. Innovation is a multiplier for performance and competitiveness.

With its extensive engineering and technical expertise, it designs and manufactures innovative systems with high added value. It offers tailor-made solutions to its customers based on reliable and continuously improved technology.

A specific corporate governance

Within the Galilé Group, the corporate governance is defined as all the organs and rules for decisions, for information and surveillance allowing the persons concerned in (or in partnership with) the company, to see their interests respected and their voices heard.

The 7 governance ideas of Galilé Group:

Ambition and objectives = Vision

Project and Strategy = Achieve your ambition

Commercial momentum and Competitive advantage = Guideline of the company

Action Plan

Management = Successful challenges, Cohesion

Dashboard = Reporting

Executive Committee = Confirms the decisions


Innovation at the heart of companies

More than 14% of the 500 employees of the Galilé Group work in research and business development in our 18 Galilé Group Companies