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Baptiste Michoux – Responsable du pôle manutention

The handling division represents about 20% of the Galilé Group turnover.

The Galilé Group is a real expert in Handling. This division is composed of 5 companies, and each one is a leader in its market : SIEM ServicesManustraB2MColoc Provence et VDM Technologies.

Siem Services Your top handling partner




Manustra Key player for sale, rent, handling and repair of material-handling vehicles B2M The major independant distributor in the handling sector Coloc Provence Leading distributor in the handling sector

VDM Technologies Handling Equipments : Rent, Sale, Customer Service, Training
Those companies cover all their client requirements and needs : sale, rental, maintenance, handling and repair of handling materials such as forklift, stackers, aerial platform and other warehouse equipment.