On the initiative of its founder and CEO Eric Michoux, the Galilé Group is involved in some organisations, associations, sport clubs and schools who share its values and dynamics.

They believe in us and in Galilé 360°

Like it is for its Galilé 360° incubator, the Galilé Group really wants to gather people, ideas and share experiences. By the way, one of its main strenght is to gather all the people involved in the business world life by connecting them : economic players, institutions, leading industrialists, schools, medias…

We have the chance to have Olivier Dassault as honorary patron for the contest “1 idée = 1 emploi”. Our partners are : BPI France, l’APEC, Réseau Entreprendre, Entreprendre pour Apprendre-Bourgogne, les Entrepreneuriales, HEC, Polytechnique, EM Lyon, Arts et Métiers, Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie. Several new partnerships are planned for the 2nde edition.

Associations supported by the Galilé Group

  • AECP (Association des élèves et anciens commissaires)
  • Association Bresse Nouvelle
  • Un avion, Un enfant, Un rêve

Galilé also created the association “Des Ailes au Monde” whose aim is to build a F40 plane to celebrate the century of the end of the first World War, in 2018.

Sport clubs supported by the Galilé Group

  • AB Boat Racing
  • CRC Sport (Chatenoy Rugby Club)
  • FCC (Football Club Chalonnais)
  • Sporting club Chateaurenaud
  • Tennis Club de Louhans
  • VBS (Volley Ball de Sennecey)
  • DUCS (Dijon Hockey Club)
  • ELAN Chalon
  • Louhans Cuiseaux FC
  • RTC (Rugby Tango Chalonnais)
  • La route de France Féminine Internationale

Organisations supported by the Galilé Group :

  • Comité Miss Bourgogne
  • Eglise d’Autun
  • Kywanis Club Louhans